A few words about our school.

Fashion and Tailoring Center  BURDA
is located in Heraklion Creteης since 1991 and has students of any age. It is attended to individuals that wish to learn tailoring - sewing in order to be settled professionally. It is also attended to individuals that are interested to sew for their personal use. It deals with the space of fashion and with the sectors that are connected to the fashion. The company is in collaboration with the known German magazine "BURDA MODEN"

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Our avant-garde is that our relation with the students is characterized from friendship, warmth, directness and does not stop with the completion of his study, but is continued offering support in their first steps for their professional evolution.

You can come to know us closely and we will overwhelm every possible effort for your right briefing in the sector of fashion.

Be successful in your choices.

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   We have the following departments:

1.   Elementary: The students learn cutting and tailoring for skirts, trousers and shirts, they learn to work by pattern and to modify them him according to the particularities of each body. They learn the handling of sewing machines and others.

2.   Advanced: The students that have finished the elementary department can continue in the advanced department, where learn cutting and seam in dresses of "haut couture" and they are also specialised in the manufacture of jackets in a feminin way or in a masculine way, in suits, suit, coats etc. Also they learn details of sewing as the manufacture of all kind of pockets etc. The students that complete their study in the advanced department they get a degree.

3.   ΤBridal and Christening Department: In this department the students learn the manufacture of Wedding dresses and christening dresses.

Taught Lessons:

Designing, Layers and Cutting of clothes, Craft-based assembly (sartorial), Thrift of Textile, Rehearsal, Techniques for a successful final result.


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